Our Story

How it all started

Ankit, a tech entrepreneur and investor,  moved to NYC in September of 2021. After having (a little too much) wine with friends & family one weekend, Ankit typed in “cheeseboards” into Uber Eats, hoping to find an amazing spread that would be delivered on demand. Unfortunately, it did not exist! The next day, Ankit thought about creating a “magical button that you can push to get a cheese or charcuterie board, on-demand”, and started learning everything about the food industry.

Meanwhile, Chef Nelson Cienfuegos, after 20+ years of working in some of NYC’s most memorable restaurants, was ready to find a new career and explore new opportunities.

Ankit and Nelson fortuitously met through common friends and explored the idea of launching an on-demand cheese & charcuterie ghost restaurant, and with the support of an amazing team, launched in February, 2022!